What different styles of outdoor shelters and retractable patio awnings are there!
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outdoor covers and retractable patio awning come in different styles. Some of which include:

· Retractable pergola covers- for most homeowners having a pergola is not just about covering their patios it also includes the extra protection from light rainstorms and sun rays. That is why we have the retractable pergola covers. They are easily retractable when needed and cover a large area depending on their size.

· Freestanding shelters- are you looking to cover an outdoor shelter that is far from the wall? Look no further, for with these you can cover areas that retractable covers cannot reach. Using a freestanding shelter, you can cover a grilling or eating area or even a seating area near a swimming pool; either way your shelter will definitely come in handy.

· Retractable patio awnings- it is a style on its own. As the name suggests it is specifically made for patio covering. It is mounted on a roofline or an exterior wall, which makes it the perfect idea for a grilling area or seating area located near your home.

The most important thing when shopping for retractable patio awnings or outdoor shelters is to look for functionality and style that suits your needs. This article gives a brief idea on how to do that.

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